wishful thinking

i was thinking about what words & phrases i would eradicate if i had a magic button that would erase them from our language, for all eternity. i was going to make a list but then you’d have to read them and i’d have to see them. so just know, instead, that there are LOTS i’d destroy.

what’s for dinner? shake n bake. for real. and roasted yam, carrot, onion & garlic.

meet my new boyfriend. his name is Damon. he’s a writer and very, very funny.

by daniel handler is very entertaining. it’s sort of a collection of connected stories with recurring things (like magpies) and characters. the last one i read was very sad (“soundly”); about two girlfriends and one is dying and the other is drinking heavily and they have run away to a casino in a place called Point No Point.

in other news, our mouse is dead.


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