1. everything is illuminated
it took me so long to like this book but about 60 pages in, i realized that it wasn’t flippant, clever-for-clever’s-sake, misogynist (in a majorly overt way), or to be frank, a wank. instead it’s actually very upsetting. and beautiful. one of the better books i’ve read for the book club. next up w/ that is the secret mitzvah of lucio burke, which erin just adored, didn’t you Erin?
2. the last kiss
is the name of the movie i saw mere hours ago with darlin’ maya. it’s one of those relationship movies — lotsa couples, all with problems, how will they sort them out. it was, for the most part, rather honest (i thought) and reassured me in my current thinking on the whole love and marriage and relationships thing. compromise, sacrifice, and limits. balance that with not going crazy from the loss of freedom and try not to have your personality crumpled. then there’s this:
What to ourselves in passion we propose, The passion ending, doth the purpose lose. don’t think i’m a good candidate for marriage.
3. tv is good,
ain’t it? lost continues to be a marvel, antm continues to be an entertaining disaster, heroes intrigues, veronica disappoints.
4. mouse
in my house. i’ll let you know when it’s dead. i wonder if i’ll find it or if adam will. (i hope adam does. i like dead mice even less than i like live mice.)
5. beck
on tuesday, tash & adam & i had the honour and joy of seeing beck and his band play at the bravo! rehearsal hall thingy. and lemme tell you that they were brilliant. and funny as frak. my face hurt from laughing so much. it was like hanging out in a basement with a bunch of cool, talented, funny musician guys during their band practice (with a live studio audience, lots of forced applause, cameras, and many rows of seats). point being that it’s time we all put on a beck album real loud and danced like monkeys in the living room

7. my spyce

every now and then i mock something for a while and then join in on it. does that make me a hypocrite? maybe.* so i have a myspace profile now. it’s because i wanted to read a’s blog all the time and because too many times i’ve been frustrated trying to look at people’s photos and i’d end up getting the shaft. so officially i am spying on a cultural phenomenon. unofficially i am sad that no one has commented on my page. i’d say 87% of the thing is gross (e.g., i’ve received a lot of porny spam in my short time as a member) and the other 13% is a decent way of finding people and staying in touch. like former 2nd-floor resident Michelle and that girl Danielle who i did synchro with in 1993. we shall see; i am obviously conflicted about it.
[*cdn oxford dictionary says only if i continue to mock myspace will i be a hypocrite.]

now reading: adverbs by daniel handler.


5 thoughts on “freedom/faith

  1. yep, and the episode is supposed to air on December 5th, i think … (btw, this is Canadian Bravo! not American Bravo). The show is called “Live at the Rehearsal Hall.”

  2. long long time no comment, but me and me boyfriend saw beck at the ricoh coliseum and it was the raddest concert ever. it may or may not have involved a beck marionnette performing a puppet version of the concert that was projected onto a screen behind real beck. and bear costumes. and I may or may not be running away with beck. so i’m glad that you had a beck-sperience too, for it has filled my little heart with effusive joy ever since…

  3. Thanks for the info. I’m not in Canada, but I suppose it’ll turn up on the Internet sooner or later. If you don’t have his new album yet, I recommend it. :)

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