mundane hysterics

i am learning about the difference between acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations from a Grammar Girl podcast. next up a Lost podcast from Damon and Carlton, writers of the show. i am joining the web 2.0 world.

things I learned (of interest only to Lost fans):
Dickens gets lotsa play on Lost cause he wrote serialized stories just like the Lost writers; he was accused of making it up as he went along just like the Lost writers. They called the first ep. of S.3 “Tale of Two Cities” cause of city a: castaway beach and city b: Others camp. If the two writers had to choose between Sawyer & Jack, Carlton would choose Sawyer and Damon would choose Jack cause Damon likes to cry a lot and Jack wouldn’t judge him. In S.3 we’ll find out how Locke got in the wheelchair (slipped on banana peel) and all about Jack’s tattoos. Confirmed: There is more than one faction of the Others. You are not missing out by ignoring the Lost experience. Question ignored: is Kate an Other?

Now that last one is a theory I’ve never considered. Let’s think if anything in the first episode of this season makes it impossible… hmm unlikely it’s true but compelling. and a total mindfrak if it went that way. je l’aime Jin & Sun and tonight’s ep. is their flashback. jazzy.

congrats to Bon Cop, Bad Cop for kicking porky’s off its pedestal. cheers to that.

what to have for dinner? it’s raining outside and i don’t think i’m willing to venture out, w/o umbrella, for food so i must make due. things i can have include: tuna melt, home-crafted chicken souvalki, Mr. Noodles (chicken flavour), instant mashed potatoes (leftover from my stint on oxycocet post-wisdom removal), cream of asparagus soup, some pasta w/ chicken concoction i can invent. or shreddies. or peanut butter toast. making that list made me exxtrra hungry.


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