(last post written yesterday; posted today. this post written last night; posted this a.m.)

sometimes i think i’m losing my marbles. i brought my laptop home from work today thinking i’ll play on the webternet, post to the tribune, ladeeda, when the other half of my brain fully knows that there is no internet access at my apt. right now and that my computer does not as of yet have a wireless card. and so i will pre-type and post later.

important things i have discovered about my new roommate: he likes pickles, coffee in the morning and Lost; he owns a copy of Clue on dvd; and he listens to music almost all the time. my apartment itself is wonderous. i like it more now that i’m in it than i did before i moved in. out my bedroom window is a nice old building, something heritage toronto like, with a big romanesque facade topped with a clock. i can just look out my currently curtainless window in the morning and see how much time i have left before departure. and if i’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, i can just turn and out the window, after the park, is the church with its gothic tower and clock. that one comes with bells. those bells keep time and i’ve never been so aware of how quick or slow a fifteen minute duration is.

since i don’t have an umbrella, and this week has been s’rainy, i wait in the doorway of my building, just outside, and when i see the streetcar is moments from my stop, i just dash across and onto the 504. then switch ‘em up at broadview to the 501. and there is a postbox right on the corner.

it may sound a bit juvenile but i can’t tell you how lovely and fun it is for me to think, oh i am running low on milk and must pick some up. mustn’t forget to take out the garbage tonight. i wonder what i should have for dinner. leftovers. this morning gleefully dancing around instead of all-business to get out the door. and still i was early.

my new favourite telly show is Heroes, despite my bro calling it poorly written and acted. only sometimes, toe, sometimes. i like the big mystery to be solved over the season — like all my fav shows, give me something to figure out: Lost, Veronica Mars, America’s Next Top Model. My TV addiction is healthy and robust; my weekly schedule includes Heroes, VMars, L&O:SVU, ANTM, Lost, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy. [kay, i am hearing weird creepy crawling noises and they’re creepy and crawly and i am alone and my investigation turned up nada…erase all of the above lovefest for the apartment. fear has taken over. but ah-ha, i learned from dr. jack shephard, that one must only let oneself be afraid for 5 seconds…1…2…3…4…5…] and we’re back.

Thorough investigation complete. it’s fraken raccoons. i have three g’d raccoons having a grand ole time on my little darling balcony. they are not scared of banging, or grrring (that’s me, with hands held up like ferocious claws), or water (adam sprayed them last night).

Reading Everything Is Illuminated for book club and am not that jazzed about it.


One thought on “Benry!

  1. i am super impressed with your addictions, fellini references and flat related joy. there is nothing juvenile aboutit. and i can’t wait to dance a jig with you soon calhouner. only 11 weeks left in the year which is redonkulous.

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