zwanzig sieben

lukewarm tea. blurry long-day vision. scrappy nailpolish. (two words nail polish? yes i bet so.) laundry to flip. 8:26.

$3 for never mind the pollacks by sir pollack
twas funny and a delight. best part was “one day she will ache like i ache” reference. always nice for meaningful lyrics from your teenagerhood transformed into funny.

next up for my book club (that i have yet to participate in — i read the books, and the comments on them, but have not contributed) is a girl like sugar by emily pohl-weary. good sign the first: reading the top entry on her blog and there’s the joss whedon love.

i had a birthday. i had birthday cakes or cupcakes or some such thing three or nine times. chocolatey. erin made cupcakes that are beautiful & she may have stolen my cupcake crown. having worn it far too long, i am glad to bequeath it. graciously. now that i’m full of maturiousity i can magnanimously do things like that. and here they are:


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