my pink marker is dying fast

yowza. it’s 52 degrees celsius today. i am melty. like that wicked witch but without those stripey socks i’ve always liked so much. better than the ruby slippers.

saturday was amie’s bachelorette party and it was really & truly a fun-tastic time. sometimes enforced fun feels well, forced and not that fun but this was a brillo eve of hootenanny quality. lotsa dancing. erin made the floor burn (and her shoe). my legs are a bit sore today (took a while to kick in) from all that dancin’ in heels. something (contrary to popular conception) i don’t do every day.

thinkin’ bout moving out of 201 and into … don’t know the number yet but the Forbes Mansion. i haven’t really thought of any reason not to and lotsa reasons to so …

i was going to sleep in the ac at rozzell’s but think the heat has made that trek too treky for me. this blog post sucks but alas alack i wanted to sneak in an entry before july ended (in mere hours).

oh yes, what have i been reading? not much non-work related. finished that dropped threads. and started the middle ground. my brain is too full of crazy run-around thoughts to actually read so i’ve taken to proofreading on the streetcar. i can concentrate on that cause i’m getting something done. i think i’ll be back to readin’ mid-august. which is alarmingly soon. and alarmingly sooner is the wedding of amie & chuck-charles.


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