nadine & i went to our very first ballet class ce soir. and i must say we did very well considering. it was a pre-beginner class. PRE-beginner. it was nutso hard, crazy hot in the room, and we did a lot of random arm waving, leg lifting, and general graceless flopping. a success! and as the rumour had it, ballet does make you feel bad about yourself. we both left a bit defeated — feeling like talentless elephants. (cause we all know some elephants ARE talented. and this is not a slight on tessa, tash. she’s great. but i know how she feels.)

anyway. tres exciting. also very proud of us for actually going. lots of grand ideas are tossed about but i don’t always actually do ’em.

amie’s shower went uber well & i think she was really touched & pleased & entertained. lots of jokes after about how her bachelorette party will have the theme “what amie doesn’t like”: all spice-girls karaoke, a dinner of cilantro-coated mushrooms, dessert of popsicles, to the bat cave (aka the dance cave), … and on and on. won’t she be surprised when it actually happens? yarharhar and a bottle of rum. (of which there are 2 in my kitchen from le mojitos at the shower.)

in work news, i now have two books for spring i get to work on. shadowing michael on a novel (!) and taking care of a non-fiction booky book myself. and just when it occurred to me that i should be planning my next two seasons — what would i be doing?

barbara b’s wedding on friday at casa loma. (not casa walsh.) will finally get to see maya b. and other assorted centennial kids.

i’ve been on a break from telly & from reading. don’t know what’s up next either. next book club book is dropped threads 3 … yikes. i hope i am being a judgmental prick and that it is not what i think. more six feet under s.2. and of course, joy of all joys, in the rewatch with tash, we’re in the final stretches of angel s.1 and buffy s.4.

we just saw the glorious episode where buffy & faith switch bodies. and faith(buffy) does it with b’s boyfriend (who i hate. let’s talk about wooden. he makes duncan from veronica mars look like a spaz.). anyway. enough ranting.

no. not enough. ALSO when i was all married to russ and planning a future that included him in a husband and father of my children sort of way, he had this family tradition of naming kids w/ the initials R.A.W. so my chosen names of Nicole and Christopher were challenged. and let’s face it Ricole and Ristopher sound awful. the one name i DID like that started with an R was Riley. and despite the fact that russ & i are not going to procreate together, buffy’s lame riley has ruined my imaginary child’s name.

now that’s enough.

also: happy belated birthday to sarah.


2 thoughts on “tombe

  1. Yes, completely true re: Billy, uh I mean Riley. Is it bad that after our 17 hour marathon I still want to watch our friends again VERY SOON. Thank god for Peruvian jungles. If only someone else planned a trip there… xo, t.

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