finally chrissy posts

Monday May 8
another long silence and the natives have gotten restless indeed – my only excuse for not blogging more is my brain-racingness which has been at an all time high. too much coffee before tuck-in time and i get looney-bakadoo and off i go into the land of sleeplessness. last night i was kept awake by the sounds of the neglected library books trying to have their way with me again. if they keep this up i will be in no mood to read them and it will be their own damn fault. they should know that it is much more fun on sunny days to do crosswords and eat pineapple slices, but they are only library books. so instead of happy sleep dreams about travelling to the ocean and tasting the wind i am up in my room   with thoughts of the work week to come and listening to nadine talk about her weekend again. somehow last night i couldn’t seem to escape the so-rightness of one of whedon’s buffy songs – “every single night the same arrangement / i go out and fight the fight / still i always feel the strange estrangement / nothing here is real, nothing here is right”. this is too bad as it’s not nearly as much fun as the mustard song but my sleepless night was filled with thoughts of fighting things but i can’t quite decide what. back to you on that

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