i smell burning

happy nearly new year’s to you. i have not yet made up my lengthy list of resolutions but i’m sure it will resemble last year’s list. with some variation no doubt. i’ll make those up in the new year, i resolve to. make your list too.

i’m here in montreal w/ sister & roj — dish washing and coffee making happening while i dillydally away here at the ‘puter. the party last night was v. fun (although i missed the square dancing). lots of people who i haven’t seen in 8 million hundred brazilian years. ottawa was a mix of sun and clouds if ya know what i’m saying… S & I went on a cool hike through a winter wonderland. There was lots of snow and it was covered in a sheet of ice. We got a little lost and lay down on the ground. I have taken zero pictures so far on this leg of the trip so I will be sure to post them right away. Oh wait that’s a lie. There are pics of snow walk.

Today we’ll watch the second half of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which gave me a decent sized fright last night), then do a wander-round, shop a bit (use xmas giftcards), and prolly get a manicure. I choose hot pink or blood red.

My big long holiday is nearly over. Fuck. I have to finish proofreading this wrestler/christer book before Monday. I think I’ll be doing the majority on Monday. So far the guy has eaten a piece of ear he ripped off and popped out someone’s eyeball. Hurrah! Go team!

Here’s to a new year with ears and eyes firmly attached to one’s body.


One thought on “i smell burning

  1. When I read the part about the eyeball and the ear I started laughing so hard that I started coughing and then snorting and then I had to blow my already very red nose and hold on for dear life as I was gripped my the sneezes and then the chills. So, all and all, the highlight of my New Year’s eve. Cheers. DID I MENTION I LOVE THE FLU.

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