live from harbour grace

Good Afternoon. Here I am in Newfoundland. It’s Crimbo time. Anne Murray is singing on and on about falling on her knees, or telling us to. Or maybe everyone should. It’s so cheery. The big long driveway outside Diane’s house is covered in ice and is perfect for skating with your boots on during R’s smoke breaks. Sing Sweet Child O’ Mine doing the Axel and you’ll go backwards. The key to backwards skating. If only I was more familiar with his body of work when I was 6 yrs old and in skating lessons. Woulda been a cinch.

I’m last minute knitting up some arm warmers for Russ and fear that I will run out of yarn. Craptastic. It’s a xmas tragedy. Not too many Newfoundland specific things have happened yet. Some of Diane’s pals have dropped by and tonight we’re gonna read Night Before XMas nfld version. I think we’re supposed to put on accents and the whole bit.

Rich needs to do some xmas crafting so back in a flash…



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