cold coffee

apparently if you write to santa, you get a response. i think i might. i have never written to S (since i never believed in santa); maybe i’ll write to mrs. claus and see what happens.

since you all care so desperately, i thought i’d let you know that last night i finished watching Buffy. i still haven’t finished reading that damn mercy among the children book but have managed to read a couple of super cheesy good YA novels instead.

i have to design my upcoming new tattoo soon. or get someone to for me since i’m not that great at drawing flames these days.

this eve i am going to hand out faux hockey cards at the ACC for our “hockey poet” — will be bizarre no doubt.

here comes s.rain. may spend new year’s eve in montreal w/ ro. post-ottawa. post-nfld. considering taking the sfu publishing course next summer. have never been to b.c. but do i need to take the course? i think it’s just condensed intense centennial. interviewed potential interns this week from centennial’s current crop. wanna dye hair darker again soon. random rambling ends now.


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