here’s to hoping the steak is made from cow not human

hello and good morning. today is russ’s bday. happy birthday to rozzell.

last night was the fight network launch party and i went. as did most of my co-workers and russ & jodie (who works on the show). one time claire and i went to dave’s cottage and we went for a ride in the boat and claire got out of said boat and stepped in a muddy puddle and unbeknownst to her an evil leech attached itself to her. later, after the removal, claire said she always thought she would live her whole life and never have a leech attack. and she was wrong. well, i always thought that i would never see live pro wrestling. i was wrong. i saw some last night and some boxing, muay (sp?) thai, ultimate fighting, and more wrestling. and the largest contingent of girls in shorty short super shorts ever. EVER. as well as the largest assembly of burly short dudes in leather jackets. as bizarre, alien, offensive and so not my cup of proverbial tea as it was, i had a jazzerific fun time. mainly being ironically enthusiastic. and as the grafitti outside the museum of contemporary art says, ironic nostalgia does not an artist make.

tonight we go for steak dinner in celebration of russ’s birth w/ rich, leanna, bday boy, and his ma who’s flown in from nfld for the occasion. well, for a whole week, not just for the dinner.

i’m gonna go and try & convince russ that the best way to spend his bday is watching angel-sodes. wish me luck. (i am once again not doing work and will later post a regretful why didn’t i work on this f’n grant application when i had the f’n chance.)


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