just ate one. tasty taste yeah yeah yeah. i love BLTs. i love new york city oh yeah new york city. erin and i just bought aeroplane tickets to nyc to visit tash for her “birthday” — in quotes cause we’re going a weekend later. don’t have the cash for it at all atall, but should be fun to swish feet thru leaves in the park.

i am once again not doing what i should be doing. i would like to watch more ep.s of Angel Season 4. nerdly? yes. last night, i lay in my bed and watched 3 ep on my computer. exactly what i wanted to do. so sleepy.

tonight i go to barb’s engagement party. i sure hope she emails me back and lets me know where the f it is. yikes. or else i will be a bad person once again.

yesterday was my last day of my internship. this is the last day of our acquaintance. that is a sehr gut song.

mom’s painting mannequins in the basement. sarain is having a shower. michelle is MIA. i don’t have a stereo in my room and that makes me sad cause music thru the computer laptop sounds like canned salmon.



3 thoughts on “BLT

  1. i am so sos o jealous. la dee dah . what an unattractive trait but there you go. i am going to dublin next weekend it’s true but i’d rather go away with yoo-hoo

  2. well equalizer since i am uber jealous of your trip to dublin sans me. take some pictures & send em my way. check out the book of kells and the declaration thing after the 1917 uprising or whatevs you call it (at trinity college). also have coffee at bewley’s (where writers wrote) and go to st. stephen’s green & say hi to my ducky pals. xo

  3. oh crissy-belle, i just read your blog after a lovely day at the met. you are coming on my birthday weekend you silly bunny. i can’t wait ’til you get here. xoxoxox, t.

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