it is wrong to clip one’s fingernails on the streetcar. i’m not talking what some people who i know and love do which doesn’t count but proper nasty flipping flying clipping. shudder. sorry for bringing it up but it’s on my mind and a blog is a place to air such grievances.

this eve charlie & amie asked russ to be in their wedding party. very nice.

i’m very sleepy this week; just want to stay in bed for eternity in the mornings. i wonder why. darkness maybe. there are leaves on the ground, signifying fall. i listen to the doves a lot since the concert last friday. also daniel and i are in high-text message mode. we may go to a weird exhibit of plasticized corpses at the science centre. or i may vomit everywhere. or both.

sister-s was in town for a night but is now gone to montreal pour le film. bon. and this is tash’s last weekend in toronto, then off to nyc for cbs.

thanksgiving on monday. dinner here at the house. our cousin edana is coming and i think she is all grow’d up and i ain’t seen her in years. russ and i are in charge of the cooking. so we’ll see how that goes. i have done it once before with success so it will be a-ok and ma boylan will be there to help. just not 100% in charge and therefore likely to get migraine.

arrested development continues to be funny in season 3. it’s time to start repaying my student loan. or so said the jolly letter they sent me today. fuckers.

hey my name is in a book. it’s a bit of a wicked cool moment for me. let me insert a link hmm temporarily unavailable for order. that doesn’t sound promising, does it? amazon = more available

anyway. whatever. now i feel like i’m working as i look for ecw’s books on websites. it’s bed time.


2 thoughts on “bedtime

  1. thanks for clairifying that – i know i have aproblem but i seriously can’t not do it. well it feels that way. very nice re charlie and amie. i am muchos jealous of thanksgiving which i will be cooking for my ungrateful famille. check my blog back….

  2. Hello Jello. It’s nice to be reading about your life again. I can imagine the leaves outside the house these days. And after rain when the leaves have sat on the sidewalk for a while they leave prints. Or maybe they’re dry and rustly. But I bet they’re soft and wet, maistly.

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