return to the blogoshere

hey kids. here i am. rock you like a hurricane. ooh hurricane. i bet that song has been pulled from the airwaves in light of recent hurricanes.

i am sitting in sarain’s room, that is kinda tony’s room, typing away on the computer that is toe knee’s. so many different options when you blog from a PC v. mac. i have had steak for dinner twice in a row. no more iron deficiency. if i even had one. i think so. when you crave red meat.

sunday night. i have SO much work to do. i have agreed to do extra work and now need to find the extra time. proofreading a book about xians and wrestling all day long. weird. also am doing a grant application for JB/CFA. need time for that. and of course i still like to go out and visit w/ pals and have a grand ole (opry) time.

friday night went to the Doves concert w/ daniel e. long time no see. ran into adam f. at the pre-show bar (jason george). daniel said claire’s adam is here. the show was quite good though i’m not used to going to shows where i don’t really know the music. i think daniel & i will be hanging out more frequently which is a bonus round cause we both miss hanging out.

had lunch w/ david k. and then saw serenity. it was sorta like a 2 hr season finale of a series i’d never seen. but pretty f’n cool and river was kick ass. and of course the joss whedon humour is always always welcome. he really always brings it back to love. love will save the world and you. it’s quite charmingly earnest.

had dinner w/ charlie, amie, dave and sarah at peter pan (steak dinner #1). it was lovely to see them and chitter chatter although i was on the hung-over side o’ town. then to bed. skipped school friend’s bday party due to sleepiness. and since i had to be all workaholic today.

i finally took some extra books boxes down to the basement so my bedroom looks a little bit more lived in.

sarain is still in l.a. having an impromptu visit and then she’s off to montreal for boncop/badcop. roji had an article in the gazette today; not sure if it’s online but worth a search.

i added that word verification thingy for comments. we’ll see how that goes.

this is so not an exciting return to the world o’ blog but here i am. rocking you like a mild breeze on a fall day.



One thought on “return to the blogoshere

  1. welcome back. i had duck on my birthday so there you go! and some sausage. i am slowly reverting to carnivorousness i think.

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