taking the hint

here i am at work. alone as everyone is at bec and mary is at lunch. it’s hard to do work when there’s blogging overdue.

my life so far: bec was tres fun and nice to wander and recognize people – centennial kids, guest speakers, la la la. i only stood in one line up for one author (and it wasn’t michael cunningham – his line was too long for me). wore pretty but feel-bad shoes yesterday. mistake. handed out lots of ecw books & made chit chat w/ the people. fun. jack called me vana. kinda like when russ’s uncle said i would make a good politician’s wife. no, that was annoying and this was funny. there was a photo booth at the DK booth and i took pics w/ laura & amanda from school. funnny.

going to newfoundland on friday (happy Canada day) morning. sarain’s the house movie screens on thursday eve. somehow i think i will be hung over for that plane ride.

what else? i am still deeply devoted to buffy. in season 4 and get to start watching angel now too. i think i watched buffisodes 3 nights of last week. pretty good. i get annoyed when something else gets in the way. like last night watching Hostage w/ Bruce Willis as a rental. Soooooo bad and implausible and go-nowhere and no-care. Grrrrr. With a few extra rrrrrs.

Quoi d’autre? I’m overly caffienated and under-fed right now. Water water.

oh i don’t know – that is it. how can it be july so soon? rodeo and daniel’s birthday and cottage weekend and clean out Ma’s basement and birthday and claire. then the summer is over. oh yes, procured very excellent tori amos tickets.


4 thoughts on “taking the hint

  1. Going to Newfoundland, eh? I wish I was goin’, eh? Americans here in Japan make fun of us when we say eh. But there are more Canadians than Americans in my town so we make fun of them for everything else, eh? I should do something with my neighbours on Friday for the big day… What made you decide to go to Newfoundland? Email please.love,bro

  2. don’t forget nyc and coldstone creamery. also i don’t know what bec is. something to do with beaches? hmmmm. i just passed on the opera tonight so you KNOW i gotta be sick.

  3. I also don’t know what bec is, unless you mean spout in French. Here’s the thing about Hostage: I thoroughly enjoyed it, right down to the self-immmolation of Mars, personification of war. I did not, however, care for Captain Wooba and his Planet Xenon. THAT made me wanna vomit a rainbow of fruit flavours.I congratulate you on your coinage of buffisode. Very nice.

  4. bec = B.E.C. = book expo canadanfld trip = diane & nan weston moved out there and this is a visit to visit them. already in past. will provide details.why am i commenting on me own blog?

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