i’ve got dreams…dreams to remember

very many things to say. like: my hair is dirty but kinda curly. lunch with JB, Ma, Sarain & Russ at Terroni in an hour (for F’s Day). Last night Sarah BBQ bday party w/ smartie-covered cupcakes (a la Box Cake). Friday was Convocation & i got high honours (hurrah). Funny grad photo to follow. Tonight mmvas w/ sarain & to meet w/ erin when she finishes wrangling. cold coffee. B!fact screening on thurs (past) then sit on Old Vic steps and drink beaucoup de sangria and laugh about the good old days. then to ted’s for the rest of the night where we met w/ chris b. filmmaker & soon to be involved in a CFA project. crazy stories, cool guy. wednesday Batman begins. ok. This was the week of three hang-outs w/ Adam & Sasha after zero for an entire year.

work was slightly slowish. but all is good and learning new things. not dullard yet. russ sent his demo to u.s. agents so we’ll see what that yields. next weekend is book expo / pride weekend. and then to newfoundland. the summer is going to end before we clear 20 degrees.

had a night of crazy crazy crazy dreams. feeling the effect of three-in-a-row nights of late night drinks. layers of mascara.

toronto public space committee: http://www.publicspace.ca


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