what’s the bloody isssh u

montreal trip rainy, cloudy, cold. lovely low-key hang out with ro and sarain. movies – good, bad and mediocre. eating out at restaurants. sharp breakfast of homemade lemonade, melted blue cheese w/ olives on toast. hysteria. laughter and idiocy. get to speak to nim. hurrah! drive to the eastern townships to revisit north hatley of our youth.

ecw week of social functions. dinner at joy’s on tuesday with all the ladies. pot luck fajitas. too much to eat. candlelight and jokes and discussions on star wars that lead to space balls. so nice to work with people that are interesting and friendly and welcoming. wednesday staff meeting followed by staff lunch. some britney dissing that i stayed uninvolved in. as in did not defend. just listened. i’ll drop the i’ve been to 89 concerts bomb one day. thursday dinner at Allen’s on the danforth for a goodbye to tracey who is moving to australia. jokes and spilt lemonade on the card (thankfully wasn’t me) and i ate delicious lamb. odd encounter with strangers on patio while on a smoke break with mary. very very oddballs.

ce weekend my plans have shifted due to late (i am annoyed) notice that we are going to acton tomorrow. so centre today then straight to maya’s birthday dinner at east. no doors open toronto festival, no wandering along queen street spending on credit cards. no finally seeing crash. have seen very little of russ since before last weekend. he’s at work right now. i am stewing.

killers concert on tuesday with amie, charlie, tash and maya. should prove tres excellente. oh i should post montreal pics…

miss you lot. lots.


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