o solo mio

good day to y’all. the boylans have abandoned their blogs. i don’t know why tony has but my excuse is lazyness mixed with busyness.

i have fallen into a waking coma where i sleep, work, watch buffy the vampire slayer and then repeat. that’s not entirely true as there were a few social functions last week. such as book launch on monday, centennial kids hang out on wednesday, amie & charlie ribs&poker last night. how yankee doodle do does ribs&poker sound? very. but also very fun.

montreal trip to visit roji next weekend (it being the long victoria day weekend in ontari-ary-ary-oh). sorting out how the hell to get there without breaking the bank or losing our minds. guess how long the bus ride is? man alive. 8 hours. wonder if erin smith will be coming along. i should give her a call. talked to claire yesterday and that was the first time we’ve talked on the phone in a million years. so that was the rose of my yesterday, baby.

drinking mint tea. defrosting rhubarb. i haven’t decided what to make with the rhubarb but something goddamnit. the time is now.

going into the centre later today to do a bit of workey woo. sarain and i will be walking there. a promenade. i need to pick up a book to read. on the st. car. any suggestions?


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