the good
arrested development, the group. that whole first album was brilliant. i love tennessee and mr. wendell a lot. i guess the name ‘arrested development’ works well for things in general.

the sounds. i know i’ve expressed my love for them before but really they keep givin it and i keep lovin it.

the donnas “gold metal.” or is it gold medal? well, they deserve one.

ratatouille. it’s fun to say and even more fun to eat.

fruit by brian francis. a novel publ. by ecw; it really is so charming and funny. who wants to borrow my copy?

editing a neil diamond bio. well, mainly just changing britishisms to americanisms. and realizing that neither of those words exist. but fun nonetheless. and verrry educational.

pizza. but we already knew that.

the bad
publicity. it’s not work i’m interested in doing and it looks like (well, is certain that ) i’ll have to do more and more in the coming weeks. especially in august when 1 of 2 publicists will be in india. no thank you india.

workin’ 9 to 5. there really isn’t enough time in a day when you spend over an hour getting to work & another one back. i think that sitting in a chair all day staring at paper or a screen is bad for brains and energy and lust for life.

burnt tongue. especially right off the bat, on the first sip of an anticipated mint tea at 9:12 a.m. there and then ruining the taste of everything for the rest of the day.

too much pizza. but we already knew that.

the ugly

my belly. it grows…

the concerning

murderous rampages. there is without fail a shooting or car bomb or something every single week in Toronto. it’s been crazy these past few months. a minivan parked in tasha’s parking lot was bombed. a mother of four was shot on sat. night. a guy down the road from our house was arrested for murder.

the usual
the interpreter. i will enjoy any movie w/ sean penn & nicole kidman. even if there are big holes in the end of the movie.

OTD launch party. tomorrow the school gang reunites to flip thru our magazines in an over-sized venue that will no doubt look so embarrassingly empty. ah well. my dreams of a fancy girly outfit have turned into jeans & boots & a jacket. me and ryan seacrest.


5 thoughts on “overdue

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve read your styleI’ve been waiting and waiting some moreYour belly’s been growingthere’s no baby insideit makes me think that your boredSee my belly’s been tooAnd my neighbours on glueMatitudinal runs are the cure

  2. of late you have been making claire style comments of self deprecation. me no likey. i need to high tail it to t-dot.which i am working on – believe me.also i would like to borrow your copy of that book. ok? thank you.

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