flip out

coffee from the morning smells bad in the evening.

dear everyone, i know you are probably beside yourself with wonder at how my first three days of internshipping has gone. well it is fine thank you. my days start with an hour trip to the other end of the city. the streetcar tracks are being ripped up from kingston road (which i thought was in pickering) all the way past my place of internshipment so the streetcar ends before i’m done with it. this will not make me like buses more than streetcars. no. never. no matter how many times streetcars get fucked up and derouted (?) and stuck behind a parked car on a snowy day i will love them more than any other form of public transportation. try all you want streetcar. but i heart you the most. my love is undying and unwavering.

so i have a twenty minute walk after my streetcar ride. or before. depending on whether i’m going to or coming from ecw.

when i get there, i sit down at my desk (small, no drawers) and do something assigned to me by the boss-man. usually it is reading something and either (a) looking for misplaced commas and so on or (b) deciding what i think of it and writing it down. this morning i was thinking about posting this blog and how i’d get to say i haven’t had to use the photocopier yet and isn’t that a good sign of a fun internship. but then i had to photocopy a whole book today. that sure showed me.

twice i’ve eaten my lunch outside (once in a little park, once on a beach bench) and today i made the mistake of not bringing my lunch but buying a tuna sandwich from tim horton’s. what a piece of ordinary crapola it was. i was miffed. and the lady tried to upsell me a donut. i don’t wanna donut. but then i realized she was from england and then i felt bad for her that she came to the new world and ended up working at timmy’s. maybe she loves donuts and burnt coffee. what do i know?

so ya, the people are nice, the work is mainly reading (which is nice) and if i wasn’t so g’d tired, i would be enthusiastic. pickled beets make me enthusiastic. one time i had a vocabulary test on vegetables in french class and i made up a memory trick for beets. if you ever need to know how to say beet in french just remember this: a good beet makes a better rave. beet=betterave en francais. so next time you’re confidently ordering beets at the french market on a sunday afternoon, think of me.


3 thoughts on “flip out

  1. i surely was wondering my love. is it in the beaches? that’s less than ideal.i am thinking of home june 4 to 17 and possiby nyc smack dab i the middle.

  2. ^^ the beaches are less than ideal, hmm? i feel as if i should rise up in defence of my former home, but i suppose you’re just referring to the nasty travel-time so i’ll let it pass. congrats on the internship crissy! i hope you edit your little heart out. unfortunately i hear that the streetcars on queen are out of commission until at least june, so that’s kind of crummy.also you say fuck more than i recall…also “a good beet makes a better rave” is so perfect it hurts… also i need to get back to my essay right now, so i bid you adieu…

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