i would say my most frequent dream is a slightly nightmarish one about being in a weird creepy house that won’t let me out. the last one i was with tony and mom and we were walking down the stairs but we could never get to the ground level it just kept repeating and repeating. i decided that if i looked out the window (moved the curtain to see out) then it would have to let us down. but instead the staircase collapsed and we all fell.

long long weekend for me. monday’s classes have been cancelled so i am leaving studying for my final on tuesday til monday. haven’t done much of anything. finally read Fast Food Nation. and Fast Girls. both v. interesting. fast girls (its subtitle is teenage tribes and the myth of the slut, to give you an idea of the content) was a bit too airy fairy for me. next up…maybe the allison dubois book or i don’t know what. i have a pile of library books that beckon to be read before they are overdue.

in other news that surprised me to uncontrollable laughter, i received an email from my internship people and they applied for this “cultural internship” program thru the ont. gov’t. and received funding. so they have offered (and i have accepted) a 6 month paid internship following my 6 week unpaid internship. wacky. it’s very odd to switch modes in my head of the next chunk of time to 7.5 months v. 6 weeks at ecw. the pay (of course) is not substantial but will be enough to eek out an existence of debt servicing. anyway it will be nice to get some solid experience before having to go out into the real job searching world. and any reason to delay that arduous task is a-okay by me.

today: meeting up with tammy to proof the OTD pages cause they go to the printer on monday. hopefully everything will be in good shape. doing some tidying up round the bedroom. it’s a pig sty. russ has gone into work. have done nothing eastery with the exception of buying some mini-eggs. and going to mass. by mass, i mean blockbuster. where i went kookoo trying to choose a freakin movie. russ & i ended up w/ collateral and finding neverland (guess which movie was picked by whom?). watched collateral last night and what a piece of monkey-brain ass. i guess we’ll watch neverland tonight.

oh ya and i broke up with Bell Mobility. unlike erin, i did not send them an email that in only two words said everything: you fuckers.


4 thoughts on “neverending

  1. that’s so fantastic! you deserved something to fall into your lap and there you go. i hope that you are enjoying your time there. i have new friends in book publishing in london, and ones that are literary agents too, if that entices you in anyway……….

  2. Congratulations Crissy! You worked hard for this to “fall into your lap”, so I’d say it’s well earned rewards, though at a low pay! Well-put: I like how you called it ekeing out a living of debt-servicing. This has got to be the continued curse of generation X. Here I am in Japan, not ekeing, by any means, but nevertheless trapped in some ways by my debt on the other side of the world not speaking the langauge. Could leave. Would need job pronto. Possibilities. Erin’s message to bell mobility is classic. I wonder what led up to that?

  3. hi crissy, we are talking to coltrain. i think that we should move to nyc and all live together. i think that our living arrangements would be a symbiotic relationship. i want our trip to continue forever. heaven is a place on earth, just like belinda carslile sang. and it exists in nyc.t.

  4. hmm. toe you’re making me look bad. by fall in your lap i mean ‘unsolicited’. not unworked hard for. you knew what i meant, right cris? its not as if you applied for the funding and made a push for a 6 month position.anywayzzzz i loves ya.x c.

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