rainbow trout

a very odd thing happened today in the cafeteria at school. it was busy (lunch) full of all the just out of high school kids (+ the book and mag crew). suddenly this girl stood up yelling ‘i hate this school i can’t take it anymore just stop it’ but then started saying weird things about hating the ‘ethnic community’ at our school (our school is probably 75% black kids) and other hateful things. then she stormed out of the cafeteria while some loud girls yelled at her and started laughing. it was so weird cause normally you can simply say fuck you to the mean laughing girls and go talk to the upset girl. but in this case she was blatantly racist and what was making her upset was that she had to be surrounded by the ‘ethnic community’ every day. turns out she went to Queen’s at the same time as a couple of girls in my class and she has had these random outbursts a lot and says rascist and sexist things all the freakin time. it was very unsettling. and then tammy jokingly said, at least she doesn’t carry a firearm. but i didn’t think that was so funny.

in other news…i only have 12 days of actual class / school days left before my internship. i am kinda sad that school will be done. i love my class and some of my teachers. and of course it’s way less boring/hard than real life jobs. who will i go pee with everyday if bianca isn’t there? it’s quite funny how all day every day at school i am not for one second alone. talking between stalls while we pee. anyway…

when is russ coming home?


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