russ got his motorcycle a couple of years ago, right? and i’ve never ever gone for a ride on the back of it. i just haven’t wanted to. at first cause he was new to the whole driving world, then cause it’s called a ‘bitch seat’ and that makes me rage. but i’ve since gone on other motorcycles (kay, just the partner at the law firm’s and it was way less sketchy than that sounds).

point being, i never wanted to go on the back of russ’s motorcycle.

today he gets a letter from yamaha. recall. the freakin bolts holding that seat on are defective and could come loose (or have been coming loose) causing “serious injury or death” to the bitch on the seat

i am psychic. or just have good solid instincts. or my fear of man-made apparatuses (bridges, elevators, motorcycles) is a well founded fear.


2 thoughts on “addendum

  1. Bravo! Don’t ride the bitch seat. You should make Russ ride the bitch seat. Except that he’s nice and I like him. Say hi from his brother (his other brother).Good instinks [sic].

  2. hello.this is my first crissy blog (i hate that word) comment.i’m a little nervous.i hope i do okay.i need to respond in support of never getting on a satanic hell machine (motorcycle).also, even though i hate the word blog, it makes me jealous to see all of the fun writing crissy is doing. this may mean that i have to leave a variety of comments now and then because of this newfound jealousy. i would also like to take this opportunity to say hi to tony and claire-a-belle if they read this. i miss you guys and i hope japan and london, respectively, are being nice to you. crissy, nice work on the blog. if i was your teacher and you handed this in i would put lots of stickers on it, (the ones i bought with my own pocket money because the ontario government doesn’t give teachers enough money to buy stickers).mucho luvo and i look forward to drinking green beer on thursday night, miss natasha rudnickxoxo

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