warning: rotating parts

yes Toe – The Sounds are a band – tres bon. try “seven days a week” or “living in america” as testers…

when a band is called something like The Somethings, do you use a plural or singular verb? The band is vs. The Beatles are It confussses me. I think you go w/ plural. The Beatles is sounds really wrong wrong.

It’s Saturday morning and I am drinking coffee and (was) reading the paper. Homework/clean up day for me. Russ is in LA and his luggage is somewhere else. That is super sucky. And it’s Richard’s brand new suitcase that he hearts beaucoup. If you can love a suitcase.

Last night or well yesterday afternoon I went over to Ma’s after school to hang out w/ Sarain. Our class that morning was a guest lecture from a woman from Harlequin Romance. She gave us all free romance novels. I got two. So we did a crafty project where Sarain and Michelle and I chopped up all the dirty/funny bits out of the story and rearranged it into a super powered tacky romance. it’s close to brilliant. Then Tash joined us. We hung out for a bit, walked along Queen to the liquor store, and then to my house. We played Texas Hold Em. Sarain and I wore old man/britney hats (hers is pink; mine green), Michelle had a cop hat and Tash had a giant cowboy hat to go w/ her cowboy shirt. we listened to all three spice girls albums then tried to work our way thru the solos but ohmigod are they the worst. they have not aged well. i lost all my chips twice but was having a bit of a comeback by the end of it all.

After everyone had left, i was going to bed and tried to turn out the lamp. but the little switch wouldn’t turn it off; it just kept turning and turning and the lightbulb kept burning and burning. so i had to pull the dresser from the wall, impale myself on that stupid elvis bust, curse and yank the cord out of the wall. apparently the ballet workout has not yet given me the promised grace.


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