brother saves sister from boredom

mad props to toe-knee-bee who saved my sanity last night by calling. i was lying in bed watching lost in translation on my pretty computer (i couldn’t get “more than this” or “lip my stocking” [thanks joc] out of my head so i had to watch). i was sleepy and a bit mopey and lonely and then ring-a-ding-ding = tony!

sad part is that is the longest we’ve chatted since July 31.

now it’s the a.m. and i’m reading the G&M that comes to my door every Sat now. so far i’ve learned: that us troops killed an italian hostage negotiator (basically for speeding) and that tons of iraqi civilians are killed at checkpoints b/c of ‘confusion’, that the 4 mounties were killed by a “bad” man and that jeanne beker suggests tweens should wear vintage gowns to their first formal event.

dinner @ 201 tonight w/ new baby cousin Niklas Olvang (who Grandma Ottawa calls Alvin and the first time she saw him said, “he has so much to learn”), new Aunt Lisa, Uncle Al, Sarain, Ma and Russ. Then drinks/dance party for Amie’s birthday.

I started reading the book of poetry i got from ecw. i never hever read poetry. i liked these ones. sort of smirky and beautiful and painful. then i reread that leonard cohen poem ‘beneath my hands’ which is just a pure heartbreaker. i wonder if amie & charlie still read poetry together like they used to. they used to read pablo neruda to eachother. talk about a heartbreaker.


One thought on “brother saves sister from boredom

  1. Sister of me, how foolish I was to call only then, months after your birthday which was my only other call to you and which you were in England for. But then I called England, didn’t I? Did we actually talk? Well anyway, I’ve decided to rectify my unsolicitousness with more frequent telephony.

    Why do you call Lisa, “new Aunt Lisa”? Wasn’t she our aunt before? OOOOOH! Because she is new compared to Luba, right? How odd. She’s like the pretender aunt, with a title like “new aunt Lisa”. I think that should be reserved for wives of uncles who marry three times or more.

    Grandma’s comment “He has so much to learn”: classic grandma. It’s like she’s already got his life planned out for him. He’ll be an engineer, this one. Finally, we’ll have an engineer in the new crop of children.

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