lion in winter

the nyc trip was wondrous. driving in the car hilarity and boredom and barfiness (roji on the way there, tash on the way back, me on friday night). lots of singing and dancing around. drinking DC out of a 2L bottle. flashbacks for Rain & Ro of their evil snowstorm trip on the I-87. get seinfeld spot in front of JR’s insane apt. note waiting for us from our lovely host, Robbie. and then and then and then…. dance parties, jokes, yummy food in beautiful places, wandering the streets, bored at the Gates, fights between girls, resolution between girls. photos of roji & tasha’s reunification in a pile of nyc garbage (which we all agree has more rats & dead bodies per bag than other garbage). listening to claire sing while we dance around in the apt (you were definitely there claire). long island iced teas and free bud lite (spell it like the americans) and enough anti-bush sentiment to give me hope for the future. NYPD horses and L&O sets. FYIs from Roji and Rebecca’s grace & fascination with the entire world. erin’s wonderment (why can’t everything be as beautiful as this city?) and a new dear friend into the fold in the form of robbie coltrain.


One thought on “lion in winter

  1. that looks sounds like a brilliant ime. is your new friend robbie coltrane as in hagrid? thats exciting. i am jaloux but thats ok. i am sadly used to missing stuff. not that i was having a bad time – but it was a different more of a quiet reflection sort of thing. if i’d known you were all gonna be there i would have flown in too. sigh.

    love yer guts

    x c.

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