there’s no ship like internship

i gots me placement. you may notice their healthy choice of wrestling books. haha. i think i will be happy there – they’ve got quality stuff & fun stuff; fiction & non. i will have an interview next week.

new york trip this weekend. hope erin can come. gulp. i so am not ready. have not packed. have not finished piles of homework due tomorrow or studied for midterm. my confidence in my ability to work quickly during crunchtime means i have spent the past hour drinking coffee, watching the daily show & reading the webternets instead of last night’s plan of hitting the books as soon as my head left my pillow.

bizarrely there is a b!fact application this round called ‘claire and tony.’ i’ve been stuffing binders w/ erin while watching oprah / dr pill.

japan trip looks wonderful and am sad to not be there. another time i’m sure.

ok let’s get craig mccracken


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