no one is blogging in the blogosphere. so i thought i’d get the ball rolling again seeing as how i dropped the ball earlier this week.

happy belated hallmark holiday to y’all. i ate one heart shaped cookie. that was about as into v’s day as i got.

in editing process for articles for OTD ( – only thing on it right now is media kit). it’s fun to edit but not fun when certain writers don’t accept your changes and stick with the old only-makes-sense-to-me phrasing. it does, however, give me the opportunity to wield my unwieldly power and slash and cut where i see fit. ha ha. i will power trip on a school project if i damn well please. but tammy better not touch my article. well she already did & it’s much better for it.

i woke up feeling poorly due to cold (contracted from russ). deciding whether to do hmwk or do cfa work.

in chubby news, besides two smallish cookies over two days (one of which was v’s day) i have been quite good at eating reasonable to small amounts of food and not eating late. i just have to get going on the exercise.

shamefully for me and happily for you, i have not yet finished my next bk so no mini-review for you.


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