falling behind

before i get into my mini book reviews, i just found out that Bob McAdorey died. That is very sad. I really enjoyed him. Remember his movie reviews on Global? He was always right on the money.

2. Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus This book was written for people who are exactly like me. It’s about a girl (named Girl) who is out of university, out of her first job with a nightmare boss and terrified of never finding a job again. But she does. And she finds a love interest. I think it was supposed to be funny and sort of over-the-top. I found it couldn’t quite figure out what the hell it was doing – chick lit or hard social criticism or funny ha-ha absurd. The cover is v. pretty though. And it’s way better than that A-List book.

3. Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman One of my favourite books of all time, that i can re-read ad nauseum, is The Great Gatsby. Well, Mr. G. Korman decided to retell that story in a high school setting. The dedication is “To Jay & Daisy.” Perfect for me. And I have to say it made me feel the same ways the original does. It is by no stretch of the imagination as well written but he does capture the same feelings and conditions. Interesting & good book. The Jay Gatsby character says “baby” too many times to count. Kinda annoying.

tonight i will do my homework, eat uberbowl leftovers and watch my murder shows. Medium (starring Patricia Arquette) is the best new show on tv. or maybe the best show on tv.

it’s been nice and quiet with the in-laws in arizona. they get back tomorrow. tony — did you call / email dad for his bday? and sarain’s is wednesday.


One thought on “falling behind

  1. oh yeah? well i have a SIGNED copy of gordon korman’s ‘the war with mr. wizzle’. got it when he did some kind of story-telling thing at the local public library. i was the koolest kid in 4th grade, i was i was.

    also, that poem by a.a. milne you posted a while ago was just lovely. especially so because i read it on a winter’s day.

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