groundhog day

remember how in the UofT cinema studies courses, you get to watch groundhog day?

let’s make a list of all the books i got from the TPL. then as i read them i’ll review them. i took 10 out and rich&russ have challenged me to actually read every page of them before the Feb 22 duedate. not too hard since they are almost all written for girls of age 12.

1. The A-List by Zoey Dean

I took this one out cause Russ’s show is also called the A-List. It’s terrible. Basically a rich girl who’s boring from NYC goes to LA to stay w/ her dead-beat dad and have a wild party summer. Clothing labels and cars and all sorts of crap that I don’t know or care about are mentioned every second line. The inbetween lines are about how empty all the rich kids are inside. And how beautiful. zzzzzzzzzzz. oh ya, and obviously the author has an english b.a. cause she likes to make literary references every once in a while to sound all smart. but really these literary references are about as deep as a jeopardy question. or answer. you know what i mean.

i think next i will read Citizen Girl. that one’s more for someone my age. i love a challenge. or as bush would say, challange.

the whole reeling from the motley crue badness has given me pause to think about the wider spectrum of that shit. it’s tough for my brain to sort out how to live & participate in the culture that promotes those kind of things. maybe i’ll just retreat further from it. as much as j’adore britney and madge, i am not dumb enough not to notice all the questionable things that their success endorses. i’ve just been saying to myself it’s not that bad and brushing it off.

maybe i should figure out whether it really is that bad to me. any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “groundhog day

  1. sad-sad-sadly, we don’t get to watch groundhog day this year dans le programme de studies du cinema. however, we do get to watch rebel without a cause, being john malkovich, the piano, taxi driver and gangs of new york. whee!

    motley crue is mean and bad. don’t let the bastards get you down.

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