lemonade 10 cents

wherein the author relates her new-found fascination with mick mars and nikki sixx, her broken foot and myriad other miscellani

erin s has lent me her copy of ‘the dirt’ by motley crue. wasn’t that keen to read about some 80s rockers talking about how fucking cool they are and how many groupies they slept with in one night. however…it has turned out to be (19 pages in) quite fascinating and full of weird fucked up little boys growing up to be even more fucked up aggressive rocked out hairsprayed men. and there is no ‘aren’t we so fuckin cool’ attitude.

dinner w/ Luz was a grand success. the food itself was quite tasty and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Luz did lots of laughing and story-telling and Russ did too. we all got on & i remembered why luz & i ever got on in the first place. i did manage to say “godammit” a million times & hope i didn’t offend her religiousity.

actonia was as actonia is. we ate enough chinese food to feed the chinese army. watched the village. i did some homework. played scene it. i think i won. i dunno. and perhaps most interestingly, discussed, as a foursome + diane, plans for moving out of 2010 and into a triplex in about a year’s time. it is looking like that is the best plan for us financially and will suit our space / life requirements nicely. plan on renting out a unit to someone like hmm tony or claire or sarain or whoever needs to live near / with us. or some student if it’s a shite basement.

that makes my head feel much much better. having a plan is something i love and having a plan i like (and everyone else does too) is even better. we’ll have our own space and more of it and less mortgage payments a month. i should eventually be debt free. by 2089. that’s me goal. haha.

i think my winter boots have broken my foot. i hobble worse than before. the girls had to walk slow so i could hobble with them to the subway. twas lame and funny. to me, at least.

homework time for me


2 thoughts on “lemonade 10 cents

  1. oh no, mother in law is moving to Newfoundland, as previously reported. we just discussed the plan in a big gang. the 3rd bit of the triplex would be rented out to a nice philosophy student named Jake.

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