leanna thinks cheese smells like feet. i think that is a rude thing to say when i am cooking dinner for friends. and one of them is luz who i have not seen in ages. luz did not change her name when she got married. i did but just to Calhoun. ha ha.

i am making penne w/ asiago cream sauce avec asparagus, spinach & chicken. insomniac makes it and it tastes good. we’ll see what happens when i make it. erin is bringing salad & dessert.

tomorrow a.m. going to Acton. I have to write an essay while i’m there & hopefully also design my mag spread for Maiden. Is that a dumb name for a women’s magazine that has politics/current events & music & fashion? kinda like Jane but with more leftist articles and less paris hilton. My teacher said Maiden was a stupid name (i paraphrase) and shot Natasha’s idea out of the water. Once again, please vote on mag name.

I wish there was a nicer sounding short-form for magazine. i hate saying mag.

So, maybe it does smell rather cheesy in here.

speaking of feet, i did something to my left foot. pulled suh-in. (that’s britney for something). i am hobbling around like a hobbler. shoe cobbler. fish monger. hobgoblin. rob zombie. over and out. roger 10-4. sloppy copy go again.


2 thoughts on “asiago

  1. how about damsel? same kind ofconnotation. you have a hard job naming things all the time. how did it go with luther by the by?

  2. You are a hob-nobbing hobblestiltskin. Who is insomniac? Is that Claire because she’s “permatired”? I like experimenting with sleep loss, but only when it’s in service of worthy activities such as writing a wicked thesis or singing for 6 hours in a tiny room with 5 other people.

    I like the sound of Maiden, but I think it cuts off and alienates. It’s main appeal would be to young, university alterna-chicks. You should listen to Richard Ashcroft with U.N.K.L.E., ok? Why don’t you call the zine (an alternative epithet to mag) Aunt Myers-Briggs? Or Aunt Zelda? Or Aunt Joans? It could be a play on “Mother Jones” and J. of A.

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