get right

Top 40 Albums – $1200

He charted with Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell II: Back in Hell

Personally I think that question (or rather, answer) should only be woth $600.

Yesterday I decided I should properly start on a diet. I went shopping for blue jeans (as all of mine have died quiet heroic deaths). Into H&M I go. They kindly have two mirrors in the changeroom so you can see front & back views at the same time. Hmmm. Not so kind.

Of course I’ve been eating chips & cheeseburgers since deciding to go on my diet. I’ve been eating worse than I normally do. Today (minus some chips) has been okay. Could still qualify…I think i just have to institute the exercise regiment & fuck the dieting bit. I like eating too much. That “too much” can modify either “like” or “eating.”

But hell, it’s a Friday afternoon. The weekend lies ahead. Let’s make a list:

what shall i do this weekend?

1. dye & chop hair – dark brown & black and add a fringe and some rock chops.

2. work on millions & numerous & plenty of school projects

3. go to Ma’s and rummage thru old stuff, chucking plenty and neatly & efficiently organizing the rest. a.k.a. take everything out of dusty box or off dusty shelf, make two big messy piles and leave in center of room’s floor. bad.

4. watch various movies w/ russelll like that Taxi one w/ Jimmy Fallon that he is bringing home from work. Gisele’s film debut.

5. try not to eat chips & cheeseburgers.

6. think of some tips & pointers for a one-pager how to host a summer party article that i think i shall be writing for the On the danforth mag. so far all i have: vodka infused watermelon chunks. tasty. (this properly is part of #2)

7. read read read

I borrowed two books from Tony’s abandoned bookshelf – White Noise & A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Have started to read the latter. It’s well-written, horribly sad and funny at the same time. I wonder if I will be able to get thru the whole thing. Also borrowed Tank Girl & Leonard Cohen CDs. Thanks bro…

I think a side effect of being in a happy & long term relationship is that you get fat. Or I get fat. This is of course the longest I’ve ever been in a relationship. So it’s a one case study kind of theory. Isn’t that funny? That after Russ & I lasted more than 4 months (though those were shakey ones), I was officially in the longest relationship I’d ever been in. Absurd. Poor Russ.

If only Pom Wonderful juice wasn’t $5 a pop…


One thought on “get right

  1. what i of course think is funny is that the entire time you have been in one i have not. and i seem to be in no danger of that pattern altering…… i will just have to marry a fellow rock star.

    i miss you and wish you could come with me to japan to not eat sushi and dress like harajuku girls with the wicked style.

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