coat room

richard’s party is going on on onon. my bed is covered in coats and i wish i was in it. the hardcores continue to hang out despite the 6pm start time. the surprise went a-ok on my end but rich had some suspicions & left himself a phone message saying, i think i’m having a surprise party. ah well. i was not the primary on this mission and can’t feel wholly responsible.

we saw the life aquatic today and it was brilliant brilliant. although it made me slightly seasick at the beginning party scene. it was beautiful to watch and funny and full of actors i adore. particularly bill & owen & kate. or cate. i think cate.

erin & bex dolgoy came tonight and that was a good surprise. as was amie/charlie/sarah/dave. i should abbreviate them — CADS. now that is good. and the stalwarts/stand-bys – tash & rain. by that i mean, always there & front liners.

is it rude to put people’s coats on the couch in the living room and off my bed?? maybe a wee bit. but fuck i’m tired. my contacts are burning. my bracelets look like pomegranate seeds. only purple.

dance music is on but it should be mellow sleepy stuff to lull the crowd away. i’m terrible…

sarain is talking to nelvana people about the day thinking tony was maybe caught/dead in the tsunami. jungle. indian ocean.


2 thoughts on “coat room

  1. I wish I had been at the party. Those things are always fun when you and Russel are involved. I just realized I don’t know how many l’s are in Russell. One. Rich actually left himself a message to make sure everyone knew that the surprise had been spoiled??? Quelle ass.

    You should update your blog. I don’t have to because I’m superman, and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

  2. toe i reckon you as more of a spidey type. i’ve often thought you look a bit like toe-by maguire.

    i just ate lots of cake. the brits do love their cake.

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