pom wonderful

i think i should finally admit to the fact that my blog is sponsored by the produce department at the local grocery. i seem to talk about their products every entry.


i love pomegranate juice. and for a limited time, you can get 3 for $10!!! no…i mustn’t corrupt the pure goodness that is pom wonderful juice. cleaning my heart out as we speak.

this school term is going to be a-specially busy. to the Max & the Limit. we’re making a magazine (2 issues) and i was ordained ‘features editor’ today. fantastique. should prove fun. my friend Tammy is the editor of my issue. also fun. will keep y’all updated. also have new teacher (www.martinpopoff.com) and he is coooool too. sends good email to the class.

spent 1 1/2 hours in bank w/ JB re: CFA. borrrrring. i nearly fell asleep. i realized i had been staring at an interest rates card blankly for about five minutes and was nearly snoring.

i must: clean up for richie’s surprise party, think up a brilliant magazine concept & do write-up on said magazine concept, think up brilliant book idea & do write-up on said book idea, prepare presentation materials for thurs., think up stellar article ideas for features in mag and go to camh & cfa tomorrow. fabu.

but really i’d like to: curl up under the top cover and have a brief lie-down, eat some warm strawberry-rhubarb pie w/ a cuppa tea, watch some good movie w/ russ upon his arrival home and not have any bills to pay (and therefore no need to go to camh tomorrow).

haven’t given the shake to the general melancholy and tash has it too. must be january’s fault then. the whole world’s gone grey.


One thought on “pom wonderful

  1. hi love,

    your teacher looks hilarious. i have been suffering from some blah as well. don’t have my regular desire to be up and at em every second. this may bein part due to the fact that i like my house and no longer run away from it. wild hey?

    it sounds like you have a lot to do but you are definitely up for it. features – seasonal affect disorder – personal and timely….. something about music…….book idea – a book on v.woolf’s england?

    i dunno

    x c.

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