resolutions & red strings

NYR 2005

The Standards

1. eat healthy, watch portion size (but not full-on dieting)

2. exercise more than never (current goal: one proper exercise session per week)

3. drink loads of water every day

The Pocketbook

4. Go to the public liberry instead of buying books

5. Bring, don’t buy lunches

6. Never ever hever use credit cards again

The Ones I Love

7. Visit Mum more often

8. Write more letters & call friends more often

9. Watch out for routines with Russ

The Rest

10. Keep at it at schule

11. Watch less TV & fill evenings with more interesting things (see #2, 4, 7, 8 & 10 for suggestions)

12. Stop sneaking drags of smokes from Russ or succumbing to the fabled peer pressure (or rather influence) round Sarain / Ro.

13. Do the things I love more often (swim, dance, write)

The Red String

14. Appreciate what I’ve got

15. Curb jealous / envious feelings

16. Don’t be so quick to judge

*russ gave me the red string book (free from his work) which i read last night. some basics are not for me (the assumption of the existence of god/creator) but the rest is pretty solid. strive to be a better person.


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