south african strawberry juice

resolutions another day. but i have made them and so far … have not been very resolved.

my jeopardy calendar is brilliant. my coffee is lukewarm. my eyes are bleary. my feet cold.

i’m in for a full day at the Cfa w/ JB and then a movie w/ two schoolmates Tammy & Bianca (A very long engagement) at the Cumberland. Better put my eyes in.

lifted the guacamole curse last night.

feeling medium-low.


One thought on “south african strawberry juice

  1. so am i chicken, so am i. i hear a very long engagement is wondrous. i was about to have a screening of it and it was deprived me. so so sad. what is south african strawberry juice any which way?

    my throat hurts and i meet our new keyboardist tonight

    x c.

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