eve of new year

listening to claire’s band (caper) — appreciate that brit & cdn say caper quite differently. makes for an interesting listen. i like to eat capers. of a different sort.

just went to grozery store to get fixins for appetizers to be brought to sarah’s dinner party. russ will be making chicken / goat cheese / pesto / etc spring roll type things. i may be making guacamole but with my luck lately w/ avocadoes, i won’t be.

haven’t yet made any new year’s resolutions but plan on it. used to be family tradition in a vague way. and this year has been the nearly devoid of our family’s tradition. feel like i’m losing my heritage… I think this new year’s eve will be the first ever that not one family member spends it with another. John B will be at the Brass Taps with his actory types. Sarain at her friend / director of the house ‘s party. Tony in Vietnam with Veronica safe and sound. Mom in Ottawa / Gatineau with uncle Al & preggers aunt Lisa. Me…with high school chums and husband o’ mine. Sort of sad really.

well…in happier news, i have purchased one of those daily calendars and its theme is Jeopardy! So every day i get a clue and there’s a spot to keep track of your weekly score. Fun times says I.

tomorrow i shall post some resolutions

until then,

happy new year


One thought on “eve of new year

  1. i bought a desk calendar of the horoscope variety last year and it still reads september 28th. i might actually give it up now.

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