lazy lazy

i’m sitting at home instead of at camh. decided to procrastinate one more day. i should clean up the mess of the house and all that jazz.

watching the news is just so crazy knowing my brother was in the thick of it. mental mental. it was quite a day of worry culminating in my mom barfing and barfing with relief that tony was o.k. she shows her love in mysterious ways.

i am listening to the tank girl soundtrack that i ‘borrowed’ from tony’s collection. very old school good & tony-reminders. apparently i suck at this new anthony business.

besides thinking that my only brother had been killed, my xmas holidays have been quite nice. Got loads of nice gifts.

Hosting the ladies brunch on the 27th must become an annual and fixed tradition. It’s so nice to have my girlfriends about & they are all such lovely ones. We chose well… And of course three bottles of champagne and chunks of st. andre in the morning are always welcome.

claire won the guessing game and i am taking a break from the ever popular clue game.

do i dare hit the mall to do boxing week shopping? frightening…

with love to my readers — miss you all too much


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