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My new job will soon be my old job. Which is to bad for me. And since this is my last week & it don’t matter to them, i am going to work tomorrow & not today. So I can clean up the ranch in anticipation of the arrival of Mrs. Diana Weston, mother to R&R Weston. Also Jade-the-Dog will be arriving too.

Last night I made a stocking out of pink spandex & black furry stuff. It looks like the stocking that Mariah Carey would proudly display on her mantle. On her fireplace mantle. Not “mantle” as euphemism for “large bosom.” Or maybe she would proudly display it on her large bosom. I don’t know. I don’t understand people who wear short-shorts all year long.

I also drank a WHOLE bottle of wine. Unnecessary but delicious nonetheless. And aren’t the holidays about lots of wine? Have a party to go to tonight & may be less drinky there b/c of last night’s indulgence.

I feel that this entry is rife w/ spelling errors but f’ it. If Bush’s camp spells challenges “challanges” we might as well give up anyway.

New Catagory: person


4 thoughts on “perfume

  1. Sorry let me clarify:
    This round you have to guess a person not a movie. And the first clue is Perfume. I’m trying to make it harder for you smarties…

  2. ok four attempts from me

    1. Elizabeth Taylor
    2. Jlo
    3. Beyonce
    4. Nicole Kidman

    Im going to SF, LA and Vegas…watch out California!

    Give Claire a hug from me please

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