monkey brains

alright. Round Two has begun. Good luck. Remember only one guess per person til I tell ya you’re wrong wrong wrong.

I get to go to the Accountant today. Wicked awesome jumbo fun.

Yesterday I went to work at CAMH and no one was there except me. And I waited and no one showed up. Turned out they were having their big xmas lunch and forgot all about me. Wicked awesome jumbo!

(How do you make bold & italics & different colours like Jocklyn? It is b/c i’m on a mac that i can’t?)


5 thoughts on “monkey brains

  1. well that’s clearly indiana jones and the temple of doom – innit?

    also i have bold/italics options so it may indeedy be your mac daddy mac’ll make ya jump.

    x c.

  2. I say it’s Miss Scarlet in the dining room with the spoon. Come on people, it’s a CLUE! heh heh. Thanks for digging up something from our past, C-dog.

    When composing your blog entries, your browser must open automatically in “Edit HTML”. Just click the other tab which says “Compose”.

    Alternatively, you can just type the tags:
    (strong)this text is bold(/strong)
    (em)this text is in italics(/em)
    <>But instead of ) and ( use > and < <><>Which I didn’t use because it would work as a tag<>

  3. My trick worked! I knew you lot would go Indiana Jones! My brother is right. Miss Scarlet in the study with the candlestick – CLUE! HA HA

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