after reading jocklyn’s blog which i found “accidentally” i have drop it like it’s hot in my head. the catchiest song to use the word hot since it’s gettin hot in heere. those rappers…what will they think up next. i wish snoop dog wasn’t such a pervy asshole and then i could actually like him.

school est finito. ‘zams were fine fine fine. 2 hours for 50 multiple choice. who’s kiddin who. who made who? dormez vous. (my brain is apparently fried)

last night went to Tammy’s party with school mates. Twas nice and extraordinarily hot in the room. Lots of people baked things and there was mulled wine. I was to bring guacamole but have learned a valuable lesson. If avocadoes are on sale for 3 for a dollar, that means they are rotten & brown on the inside. It doesn’t mean that you’ve found a great deal. Goddamn Greek fruit market.

Nothing scandolous happened at the party. Except Steven Soderbergh was there and he drew pictures of me and all my friends and then Carrot Top pushed me in a dark alley and started chewing on … oh god how nasty is Carrot Top. Never mind. End of joke. We did have mulled wine though

I am being a bad kid. I should be going to CFA and then to CAMH. If you’re not an acronym, I won’t work for ya. Who knows the difference between an acronym and an initialism?

(pls. note clue #1. guesses will now be accepted)


5 thoughts on “maze

  1. In the future:
    One guess only Miss Claire!
    But since your first guess was right (the shining) – you win.
    Next round will be tougher. I swear to god.

  2. Ha ha. I read Jocklyn’s blog too. AND I downloaded that snoop song, too! Jocklyn’s crazy and awesome all rolled up in one. Who knew?

    No fair on the guessing! Claire has time-zone advantage. (plus she’s a girl and you guys like all the same girl-things so it’s like she can read your mind).

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