feeling cold coming on. this morning i was only at 17%.

oddly find myself in “fight” with Magazine Writing teacher. He is stupid. I am not. The end. No…the class is tired of the way he treats us like infants and is tactless and rude (and a bad teacher on top of all that). So I sent him an email that was very positive & constructive in tone and he’s replied denying all veiled charges of idiocy. And of course we have him again next term. Boo.

Had my copyediting exam today. Went A-OK. Want to go to bed instead of hitting the books.

Don’t buy the Lindsay Lohan album. It’s not THAT great. And you have to have a pretty high tolerance for mediocre pop music. Sorry if review was misleading.

Pink nails.

Pink grapefruit juice.

Pink highlighter.


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