wish list

I wish:

– Claire’s blood would clot faster (2 hours seems a mighty long time)
– for the water in Tony’s building to not be contaminated. Erin Brokovich does not speak Japanese.
– RussD’s folks would smarten up & show da love and that generally speaking, he would meet more of the Claire types
– my review of the new Lindsay Lohan CD would literally write itself
– for more blogs from jocklyn, the funniest sister ever
– Erin’s essay (way harder & longer than my Lindsay review – no doubt) would also write itself
– for world peace…anyone remember that Steve Martin skit on SNL?
– that Tom Hanks never made a dramatic picture ever and was still so funny
– the cool girl in my class named Arin would give Chrimbo cards to everyone and not just the girls who she thinks are cool. It makes other people feel bad no matter how secretly you give them out. And it makes me feel bad for being slightly glad to get one
– that f’n cartoon man would hurry up and employ miss c.c. already (excuse me, lady c.c.)
– either my mom or s or both had a little bit of enthusiasm for holiday activities. why is hanging out with me and eating sweet potato a bad & fearsome thing?
– for magic-money to buy people some presents for chrimbo. i’m getting good gift ideas despite my attempt to not think about it
– bills would stop coming in. when will it stop? never…

the rest of my wishes are increasingly boring and practical. so i’ll leave them off as i’ve started to bore even myself.


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