le weekend

ended up staying in on friday and ordering thai food, not pizza. necessities when ordering thai: tom yum gai soup w/ chicken. it’s the lemongrass / mushroom type affair with a nice spice. and CILANTRO! euh for claire. i watched three movies on the movie network on demand which i think is a grand invention. free movies (limited selection) when ya want em. i watched: swimming pool, love don’t cost a thing (or perhaps, thang), and carolina. all pretty lame but very entertaining for me.

i also had a lovely headache that i tried to get rid of by having a glass of pimm’s. while it was delicious, it’s no headache remedy. went to bed & woke up w/ same headache. i don’t think i need a headache on a saturday morning.

then…went to grozzery store w/ russ. that was fun as i was in a wacked out mood. and russ laughs so i act sillier. we got tons of tasty things. including some fancy cheese. yum. i can’t remember what i got – i think cambozola. next it was clean up time – i did the kitchen, russ did the bathroom. i did the bedroom, russ did the living room. very efficient. watched the tail end of Uncle Buck. played some tetris. ate some tacos.

sarah & dave, amie & charlie come over. we all sit around in and chat and drink. even a bit couple-y for me. but thankfully, we’re all more humans than halves of couples so it’s a grand ole time. we have a tetris championship which I WIN. (although Richie beat me yesterday — i am not the house champion).

right thennnnn….sunday morning. you came in with the breeze.

(by the way, i have to leave for school in 35 minutes and am in housecoat…dooodooodooo)

Rich, Leanna, Russ & I pack into the car (leanna’s) and drive out to Canadian Tire in Etobicoke. (Note to RussD: Etobicoke is the suburban west end of Toronto; Canadian Tire sells tires, lightbulbs; is a cultural institution; and has a wide selection of faux xmas trees).

Much debate over what height tree to get and whether we should get one that is pre-lit. Craziness. I talk to Canadian Tire woman (very helpful and very developed mullet) & get to go into Employees Only storeroom. That’s where they keep their 9 foot trees…we do not get that one (we would have to cut a hole in our ceiling…)

To IKEA to buy ornaments (we do not have a tree yet). Pretty darn fun – race thru the place, run into some guy Russ & Rich went to high school in Acton with – choose tons of red & silver ornaments. No hot dogs or swedish meatballs are had.

To 2nd Canadian Tire in Etobicoke. We are getting desperate for faux tree. We debate height, girth, tree and light colour. We finally are presented with a satisfactory tree: 6 foot, pre-lit with white lights, not too skinny, not too fat. And not insanely expensive. We buy tree skirt, star for top (i call it a rock-star in my head to avoid feeling overly jesused).

Who knew trees were so complicated?

Not I

(must get ready for schule; more later — keep ya in suspense….will we stop for wendy’s or mcdonald’s on the way home from canadian tire? will the tree be properly assembled? will it fit in the mini living room? will rich & leanna bicker all afternoon? )


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