oh dear

the end of my busiest school week…the end of frustrating group work projects…

my house is quiet right now (how rare). i may go to a party with russ tonight. not sure exactly who’s hosting but some work type xmas affair with bands and dancers and whatever else. a girl from my class (maya) is going as well so i’ll have someone to talk to while russ talks to workey types. although they are pretty nice & chatty with me. we’ll see if i actually go cause 65% of me wants to watch some videos and eat some pizza pie. (I think some percentage of me always always wants to do that)

new job is working out all right. sort of weird. it’s a truck-along/paper-pushing government kind of thing. it seems like they need a full time person so they just expect me to do all the jobs in part time hours. which is not cool. we’ll see how it goes. next term i have wednesdays off so that can be work day. and my program co-ordinator at school was quite pleased to hear i had this job and called me an expert…hahaha.

tammy, bianca and i went for lunch to the DQ today. we sort of gossiped about everyone in the class. not real gossip; we were very diplomatic and nice. still nice to get tiny things off your chest to people who know who you’re talking about. as tammy said, the honeymoon is over.

despite new job, i am still so freakin broke. credit cards are my enemies. i need to cut them. not that they’re much good anymore. i hate not contributing to the mortgage (this is the first month i haven’t…) especially since it’s dec. & russ has to buy presents and all… one day i will be debt free…one fine day

xmas tree going up here at 2010 this sunday. first time. it’ll be plastic (boo).

i think i’m up to about 75% not wanting to go to partee…


4 thoughts on “oh dear

  1. hmm. let me see well

    1) the dq is the dairy queen (referenced in waiting for guffman rusty)
    2) she prob had a diet coke, a cheeseburger and fries
    3) on her pizza she isn’t crazy picky but fav toppings include green olives, mushrooms and there is a new appreciation of anchovies. no onions no way.

    glad to hear the hell week is ovah and the job is going okay


  2. oh claire so close on those answers. #1 and #2 were right. #3 – my standard pizza toppings when I’m in charge and have no one else to consider: green olives, bacon and tomato. Mushrooms are acceptable but by no means a favourite… Then there are pizzas for different moods…this could be a whole bloggin entry

  3. do you know i thought of tomatoes but they were an after thought.
    just goes to show its been way hay hay too long, even if its only been 2 months.

    love ya miss ya wish you were here

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