good evening blog readers.

in the good news department, i have a temporary (for now) little job working where roji used to work…camh. kinda cool because it’s in their publishing department and hey! i’m in a publishing program. good pay + not very many hours = liveable. if that’s a word.

also had minor confrontation about “work environment” with boss/father. pls. note order of relationships… anywho, i am only going to be doing straightforward bookkeeping for him now and none of the other stuff. i.e., he can’t bug me about shit anymore. hopefully that will make both boss-peon & father-daughter relationships function better. although there is not much to speak of in the second category.

sample conversation:

“Hey Da”

“Hi Ella. How’s school going?”

“Oh – really grea-”

“Did you do that work thing I never told you about?”


“blah blah blah workey talk workey talk”

the end.

i must point out that this conversation is infinitely better than the one in the breakfast club that ends in an exchange of “no, fuck you!”s and a beating. don’t mean to suggest i have a bad relationship; just an unsatisfactory one.

the one thing that sucks about the college education experience: group work. by next friday i will be done with it (for now). hallelujah & god bless.


One thought on “leftovers

  1. thats fab re your job. i am so pleased for you. and good money too. how many hours a week?

    and good re centre because the extent of your involvement was not bringing you joy. i am jealous that you can do (as in know how to) the bookkeeping stuff – i’ve never had to.

    x c.

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