My Homework

Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.


3 thoughts on “My Homework

  1. obviously, you are endlessly unceasingly brilliant and hilarious i adore you.

    less than a month till noel! but after that the bimonthly visits will cease. unless we hook up in japan……………

  2. wowza… looks like everybody’s blog-fu-fighting these days… i had a blog once, but i didn’t feed it so it died. sigh. anywho, “claire” looks like quite the compelling read. i’d pick it up, but i know most of the juicy bits inside and out already. can i write that? well, i AM posting anonymously… hee! … hmm… too bad i already told claire i’d be certain to post something… ah well. stream of consciousness writing is fun! ok, back to the law skule homework… i mean… engineering skule… yeah… :-)

  3. mr anonymous might have helped write the pre london chapters but not so sure he knows much about the post!

    silly mr anonymous.

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