i think i’ll get my next tattoo in latin. and on my wrist. now all i have to do is come up with an idea of what it will say…

i got a present from ToeKnee in the mail yesterday! it’s a white & blue baseball shirt (w/ long sleeves) and on the front is a robot babe and the following text:




Hardwired for

Observation and



in computer news, russ & i have photoshop CS on our macs now! yippee! and i’m getting quark as well! that means i can do my design type homework at home and not at the school lab.

tomorrow i’m going on a field trip with my class to a printing press. i feel like i’m in grade school saying that but it will actually be quite cool/interesting. no free books though, sadly.

oh yes. i spent money yesterday that i didn’t (and don’t) have. stupid credit. went to h&m and bought a bunch of tops. and a hairband. apparently my head is larger than h&m regulation size as the headband gives me instantaneous headache. claire, do you have a tiny noggin? it’s pinkish…and you can take it.


One thought on “c.a.l.h.o.u.n.

  1. your brother is cool.
    sadly i have a giant head but maybe i’ll try to force in into your headband. the dumb site won’t let me update but i will keep trying cause i have lots to say………..
    are you really gonna get another tattoo? angelina’s is in latin. figure out what you want and my sister will translate it. bizarrely i was having this discussion with her yesterday…..

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